Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Away!

I have been to a Quilting Retreat with my sister-in-law all weekend.
It was Fantastic!!!!!!!
We had lots of Talking, Laughter, and of course Sewing.

I have made 4 wonderful new Friends, with whom I will be doing it all again with very soon!

I took the Freckled Whimsy Pattern Pocketful of Pinwheels  to play with and ended up making the whole Quilt top.

My dog always thinks it's play time, even on a white quilt top....

I have also pulled out the Supernova Instructions and have begun organizing my fabrics.
I am doing it in Hope Valley the same as the Original but my solid will be Grey.

I love this Fabric!

Now I'm off to do block 3 of Birdie Stitches because it's the 1st April on Friday and I said I would finish early...promises,promises!



Seams Sew Together said...

Loving your quilt, what fabric is that its gorgeous.

Amy said...

gorgeous quilt! I will check back to see your supernova quilt

Lisa (Michael too in photo ;O) said...

luv your pocket full of pinwheels! i'm working on that pattern now in the same fabric :O) luv it!!


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