Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 Things I Know for Sure!

You would think I was Channeling Oprah with a Heading like that!
Firstly : I Love Fabric..
Second : I Don't Care if I Never Cut it up..
Don't get me Wrong I love Quilting but I also Love my Fabric In Big Beautiful Bundles like this one that arrived on my doorstep this week.
It started out a Fat Quarter Bundle, then shrunk to a Fat 8th Bundle, The other half is Mum's.
We both Loved this line so much this was the cheapest way to buy it!
This is what was left on my cutting mat..
Do I need to seek professional help If I don't want to throw the scraps out?
I turned Forty recently this is my Pressie to myself.....
Anyone Know the name of a good Therapist?


Friday, September 17, 2010

New Wave Revealed!

 This is the New Wave Quilt the pattern of Elizabeth Hartman over at
I bought myself A Fat Cats ruler which I can highly recommend It made the cutting out super simple  I don't like things to be over fiddly so Ruler = Simple ,me likey this!!!!!
The Pattern says that you get 3 Wedges out of the Fat Eighth that you cut, with the ruler you can comfortably get 4 out of each so you should get an extra row for the Quilt.
I have loved the pattern since I saw it but I always thought that the angles might be hard to work with,honestly the seams matched better on this quilt than when working with squares, I know I can't work it out either!

I found these at the Supermarket
These awesome little baskets are great for putting projects in that are on the go!  
This week I also finished a UFO (this means I can start another 10 now , lol)

I started this back in March, I know another Whirly Gig Quilt, this will be my last for a while but I do love the Pattern.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Totally Slack!

I know I have been slack with blogging lately but there has been good reasons
 here are a few.........
Before and After...
Quilt Dads Sanctuary Quilt from Fat Quarterly...
My version of Clamshells...
A wall Hanging I have been Playing With...
My next project will have something to do with waves...



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