Saturday, June 19, 2010


I must stop reading other people's blogs,I get so excited by things I see I must go and start new projects straight away, hence 1" Hexagons.
I have only done around 150 but I'm hooked!!!!!

The first weekend in July I'm attending Daylesford Craft Experience.
With our admittance Tickets we were given a blank linen postcard and given Instructions to Stitch something ARGH!!!.
Until I had started the Hexagons I had no clue what do with the postcard.
Enter 1/2" hexagons, I had been reading this blog and was very interested with what little miss shabby was doing with 1/4" hexies (she could be a bit loopy!). I printed off some 1/4" hexagon pattern pieces. I have now Decided that I do not have that sort of patience and went to the 1/2" size.
Oh so cute!!!!!!
This is when my postcard actually looked like it would be more than blank.

Another thing that I have sucessfully finished are my 101 siggy blocks, On Monday they go on their big trip to America!

Hopefully they will make It before the 1st July Deadline.

I used one of my Favorite fabrics from Woodland Bloom.

Another reason I used it was that hopefully I will be able to pick out my Blocks in everyone's quilts when they are posted in the flicker group :)

Sneaky Huh!!!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Granny Shrug

I found this on Kootoyoo Blog,Kristy has done some Awesome Instructions for this Super Easy Shrug.

I have never been into Knitting, Preferring Crochet as it grows so quick and you don't have to count too much, so this is right up my Ally.

I went through my cupboard looking for wool and found some 12ply Bendigo Woollen Mills wool in Rustic Elm Green.

I only had one ball so I thought I can start one and if it doesn't work I can unpick and have lost nothing.

Luckily I live in Bendigo and I went down to the Mill to get another 2 balls!

So I think I will work on the shrug today, Even though I should be working on some of my UFO's



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