Sunday, March 10, 2013


I know I said I would blog more, I know I’m bad but I have been a busy girl...promise!
Look this is what I have been doing!
I have been quilting with my new obsession Feathers!
This quilt is one I thought I would have a practice on before I did a customer’s quilt,
 I’m happy with the result, as it took a fairly ugly quilt to something I’m quite proud of!
This is the customer’s quilt that I have just finished, so happy with this one, I even want to make this pattern up so I can quilt one the same for me.

Closeup of the Quilting, I did swirls with the feathers coming out of them
This one just before I took it off the Gammill

I have finished my scrappytripalong, now I’m just waiting for the weather to cool down so I can snuggle!

I have just started holidays from my main job so things will be a bit more Quilty around home for a couple of weeks...yay! So join me over on Instagram or like my page on Facebook and you will get everything a little quicker than the blog, but I will be back!!!
To infinity and beyond...



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