Sunday, June 17, 2012

Binding a pain in my....

As most of you would know I dislike binding, well that’s not quite the case, Binding doesn’t like me...Well what I mean is that I can only do it in very short bursts because my hands ache sooooo much they start to lock up...

 I hear you say sew your binding down with the machine, I’ve tried it, hated the finish and went back to hand sewing...

Anyway I have bought these Wonder Clips by Clover, And they arrived on Thursday and eagerly I put them on the current binding project I had.
All I can say is I Love them.
 I attached them and got through ½ a Quilt in no time at all and ache free! Yay!!!

So if you are wondering if they are any good give them a go, I know they are expense but they are worth it if you have the problems I did...

Fast forward to this morning... I have attached 2 bindings
 on two Quilts you will have seen before.
Firstly here is a Quilt a made years ago but have never attached the binding, I had it cut and just never got to it.
Well that’s now attached ready for the hand sewing.
The second quilt is my Swoon.

 I’m still plodding along with hand quilting the blocks but I’m happy to have the binding on, hopefully it will spur me along to finish... I had forgotten how much I love this Quilt!
I made another baby quilt yesterday, not a bad effort started at 10am then sat down at 3pm to start hand sewing the binding.

It's been a very Quilty Weekend... Just the way I like it!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another finish...

This is my not so little Reunion Quilt.

 It has turned out larger than I expected but I love the size. Perfect for taking in the car or if you just want something to go over your knees.

As for the Quilting I did a stipple, large figure eight in the small borders and crosses in the centre blocks.

Backing was an American Jane fabric I bought cheap,
 but it matches beautifully.
 The binding is Vintage Modern love the red polka dot!
Love my Ladybug Quilting Labels...

These 2 beauties have arrived recently and I love both of them... Elizabeth’s book is fantastic, I have picked out a number of Projects to make already, and I’ve even bought the Templates from Tabslot on Etsy!
I have finished piecing my Jellybean Quilt made from a Tweet Tweet Jelly Roll, I'm going to use a thin wadding and this will be used as a tablecoth after it has been Quilted.
Happy Sewing... 



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