Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things happen for a reason.....

I have finally finished the Tailfeathers Quilt I have been Custom Quilting! This is my Mothers Quilt which she has done an amazing job on! 
I had to get this one 'right' as Kelli my SIL had her Tailfeathers Quilted by the Amazing Angela Walters! 

No Pressure at

Mum didn’t want her stitchery’s quilted on as she wants to hand quilt around them to give them a softer look.
 I free motioned the rest of the quilt,
 those 1” squares were fabulous
 to quilt by the way, found muscles
in my shoulders I didn’t know I had...ha-ha

Best of all she loves what I have done!
I have seemed to lose my Quilt mojo for the last few weeks that was until this morning when I commented on a post on Instagram to @anthrpienthesky about doing a quilt along using this pattern.

I knew if I made a comment that I would make the quilt, one in my growing list of to-do's
So Tiffany and I have set off on a small adventure together!
 If you want to make the quilt then you can join in as well, Instamessage me and join the fun!

I decided to cut up my “Sugar” by Art Gallery that I have been coveting for about 4 years, and I already love my Decision!
Yay! I love the Excitement of a new Quilt!

Next weekend I have signed up for a Blogger's 
get-together in Ballan,Info here.
Excited already!


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