Saturday, June 11, 2011

It works!...It actually works!

This is my Finished Needleturn Applique Cushion isn't he Cute!

 Last Weekend I went to the Daylesford Craft Experience and had a Ball!

I met some new friends and even got to sit next to Michelle,
 who I sat with last year.
Great coincidence!

Three Designers attended the event and were all very giving of their time and knowledge.

Jodie from Ric Rac came and sat with us and had us all laughing within seconds, she put together a few projects for us one being this craft clock...

Everyone need a clock like this or at least one that could make time standstill for a while!

We also had Kristen Doran from Kristen Doran Designs who does the most
 beautiful screen printed Fabric came and sat with us and showed us
the process of getting the Illustrations from Paper to Fabric on her designs.

  Melly from Melly and Me came and taught us how to Needle turn,
Promising that it was easy, 
 I went and got a kit for her cute elephant cushion.

 I traced the design on with a pencil and found after finishing my elephant I couldn’t remove the pencil... not Happy!

Earlier this morning I was on Flicker and I read that someone had used a Frixion pen and then ironed the fabric and it disappeared, so off to the store I go...

Anyway after returning I ripped the packaging open, found a scrap piece of white linen and scribbled all over, well it disappeared!!!!!

With this knowledge I got some more Fabric,
luckily I have a Mountain of Little Menagerie in my stash
 and started another elephant.
I am so happy with how the pen works, you will be too!
These are the photos to prove it works!

Please Don't be critical of my stitches I am just a learner!!! and these are serious close-ups!

On the back of the Packet it say that the ink will reappear at minus 20 degrees Celsius, so considering that where I live only gets down to minus 4-5 Celsius a couple of times over winter each Year
 I think I’m fairly safe.
So 3 Hours later I have Finished my Elephant Cushion and he is sooo cute.

I'm thinking of doing the matching Quilt...
Melly has changed my mind on Needle turn,
It really helps when you understand what you have been shown,
so Thanks Melly!

Look Mum I even put a Zip in! 



Thearica said...

Love it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

So cute! Wish I could have joined you!

Michelle @ The Crafty Little Fox said...

Good one Linda! I haven't even picked my work up lately. Just started cutting up a quilt yesterday. If Ballarat's weather is horrid tomorrow I will be giving the machine a workout.


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