Sunday, May 27, 2012

Making the stash a little lighter...

I have made a baby quilt out of reunion for a work colleague who knows she’s having a boy and has thankfully told everyone so there was to be no flowers or frills on this one.

I removed the flower patterns from the charm pack and used a pattern from Moda bake shop called Line Dance. It went together in a matter of hours and was very easy, one that I will make again!
It’s currently on the Gammill and I’m free motioning it with a large stipple and a Swirly thing (this is the technical term) in the small inner border still deciding on the strips down the centre of the quilt.
Having been long-arming solidly for the last few weeks I’ve been getting rather twitchy and I needed to get behind my Janome!
I dug into my stash and found this Tweet Tweet Jelly Roll I have had a couple of years now and decided to match that with Camille’s Jellybean Quilt Pattern.
I also removed a few of the brown strip and
 replaced them with blue strips cut from some yardage...
Love the way it is going together... Here it only has I/2 the blocks together, but I put on the design wall so you could get a feeling for the finished product.
I have also dug out this, my Hoop Bag and decided I really should attempt the Hand Quilting on this again as I really want to finish this project.

 After pulling out my last attempt I have started again.
 I am now armed with Tiger Tape so that should (hopefully) make it all better...

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Barb said...

You certainly have a lot of fun things going on over there. The baby quilt turned out wonderfully!

Poppyprint said...

Lovely new works! I'm going to follow you on instagram! I'm Poppyprint.


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