Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've been Bitten...

When I saw everyone was doing the Farmer’s Wife Quilt sampler I got a bit excited. I had started the Dear Jane Quilt but found the 4.5” blocks just too small, so I thought it was a great opportunity to start a sampler Quilt for myself.

I'm using Strawberry Fields from Fig Tree Quilts
and have really enjoyed putting the Blocks together.
 Thanks has to go to Linz on Flicker who posted all the templates in an easy to copy document, 15 pages instead one for every block.
 I got them Laminated and have used them like Templastic.
So far I have only made 4 Blocks...
It shouldn't take long to catch up!

The rest of the weekend has been devoted to quilting other peoples Quilts.

This one is my Mother’s. I have done an all-over Feather design and it’s made from Mrs March’s Fabric by Lecien. I’m not sure of the pattern but if you would like to know it I can find out for you!

I have also finished a Baby Quilt for Friends
of ours that have just had a baby Girl.
I used the stand by Baby Quilt pattern by Oh Frannson!
with my last Charm Pack of Hushabye

Now I'm going to be a couch Potato and start stitching
 my Birdie Block for July!



Leila said...

Oh, good idea to laminate them. I keep on saying no to the FWQA, but I know I am going to break down soon. :)

Beautiful blocks.

Rosa-Munda said...

I love your choice of fabrics!
Can you show me the link for the FW templates. As you say its a struggle printing each template separately. Many thanks. Ros

simplestitches said...

love the colours and pattern of your Mum's quilt...very soft and pretty! baby quilt is pretty cute too.

Michele said...

Very pretty. I wondering how much fabric you put aside for the quilt? Is the roll you show fat quarters?

Amelia said...

Your blocks look fantastic!! My Farmer's wife book finally arrived today and I can't wait to jump right in :)
I love all the quilting you've been doing too. How difficult is it to learn to use a long arm? Which brand do you have? I've been dreaming a lot of longarm quilting lately :)

Cathy B said...

I have just purchased the book and am anxious to get started. I clicked on the link for the 15 pp template but there is a fee to download. Any ideas how to get free? thanks

ladybugquilting said...

Cathy B , sorry I don't it was free when I downloaded it, there is a yahoo group for armrest wife you could try there?


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