Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birdie Stitches Block #2

March is nearly here!
I decided to take this block slower but this is ridiculous....
Now I'm ready for Block #3.....
 I won't dawdle on next month... Promise

Fat Quarterly are having a coloured theme every month and next month's colour is Violet/Purple..
As you all know it's my Favorite colour so I thought I would share one of my entries for their mosaic..

The colours range from Blue, Green, Yellow and of course Purple
This is an Evening Bag...   

Made out of  variegated hand dyed Velvet and Felt then embroidered.
The Flowers are made with ribbon and fishing line.

It's called Monet which is part of
The Fabulous Bag Collection By Catherine Howell
If your interested in patterns or kits

 they are available at Colour Streams


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