Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Blushing!!!

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My new Sister Kelli has passed an award on to me , it's called the Liebster Award.

It's for Blogs will less than 300 Followers that don't get the recognition they deserve (Oh Shucks...)
I also get to pass it on to 3 of my favorite blogs to visit.
Here Goes....

1. Creativity amongst chaos, this site is a must visit, Cori has the most amazing little birdie applique quilts.
She is currently doing a BOM called Rosie Tweet.
I have signed up for it so you will see my blocks as I make them.

2. And then what'd she say, I get a lot of inspiration from Ruth as she is a little Quirky with everything she creates.

3. Stitchnbits, What can I say , Amelia has very similar tastes to me so I always like to see what she's up too.

Please go visit these blogs, you will be very inspired by these clever ladies,
I know I was!!


1 comment:

Cheryll said...

Congrats on the AwArD ! How are you fairing in Vic...any problems where you are?


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