Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goin' to a chapel......

And My Brother's Gettin Mar-a-a-ried!!!
I am so Excited!
 My Fabulous Brother is Marrying an Equally Fabulous Girl next Weekend.
 I was in need of The Perfect Clutch Bag for My Outfit.
After searching Retail Outlets with no Success I decided to make my own!
It came from Noodleheads Blog and was fairly easy to make, which is always good!
The only drawback is that my Computerized Janome QC Machine had a meltdown during Construction and no she no longer goes... :( 
 (I think it was the sight of the Zip that tipped her over the Edge)

So it's off to the Doctor for her.
 This may seem silly but I'm literally missing her already and she hasn't left the house yet!
Out came Bertha my very first sewing Machine,
 she's a Bernette 730 aged about 20yrs.
When you go back to a Basic Model
Here's a few things I have Found we get way too used to...
Yes, you do miss the Needle Readjusting back to original point when you stop, not just wherever the hell it feels like at the time you lift your foot from the Pedal...
(This includes the Needle Down Function)

You do miss the varied speed a machine can have,
Bertha has two speeds:Flat out and Stop!
  Needle Threaders are awesome...
Thread Cutters are swell as well...
She still runs like a Dream,

No oil for years and still perfect tension and stitching!

She been in a box for the last 10 yrs only going on Vacation to stay with Future Sister In Law until she was so hooked on Quilting she had to have her own Machine.

I knew she would be drawn into my Quilting Web......He He!

Go over and meet her on her Blog Kelli's Pieces.
She is Super Talented and A Natural at everything she does
 And I can't Wait for her to Become my Sister!!!


Kelli said...

Ooh, I love the clutch! Great work!
Your future Sis sounds awesome!!!!
Sorry to hear about your machine, you can't blame her for crying at the sight of zippers but...
Yes, you did share youe addictions rather well Sis! Mwah! xxx

Kelli said...

Hey there Sis! i frgot to look at this itte ovely purse on the weekend! Spewin, Make sure you show me at Chrissy!!!!!! Please!!!!


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