Friday, September 17, 2010

New Wave Revealed!

 This is the New Wave Quilt the pattern of Elizabeth Hartman over at
I bought myself A Fat Cats ruler which I can highly recommend It made the cutting out super simple  I don't like things to be over fiddly so Ruler = Simple ,me likey this!!!!!
The Pattern says that you get 3 Wedges out of the Fat Eighth that you cut, with the ruler you can comfortably get 4 out of each so you should get an extra row for the Quilt.
I have loved the pattern since I saw it but I always thought that the angles might be hard to work with,honestly the seams matched better on this quilt than when working with squares, I know I can't work it out either!

I found these at the Supermarket
These awesome little baskets are great for putting projects in that are on the go!  
This week I also finished a UFO (this means I can start another 10 now , lol)

I started this back in March, I know another Whirly Gig Quilt, this will be my last for a while but I do love the Pattern.



Suzanne said...

Fantastic job on the quilts. I love the New Wave Quilt too, it is such a cool designs. I love the Whirly Gig quilt - I haven't made one like that - yet!

Seams Sew Together said...

Love your whirly gig quilt!!


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