Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grand Plan

A while ago I shared with you my Folded star blocks from MBS. No offence to the designer but I have decided that I no longer want to put the sashings between the blocks, Everyone seems to be using white and cream on all Quilts lately and  I think I want to buck the Trend.
I love 'busy' Quilts, there's always something new to find!
So I purchased another Hunky Dory Layer Cake and I am now in the process of Alternating Folded Star Blocks and Plain Blocks, Hunky Dory seems to lend itself to large blocks as it has landscape fabric in the Range.
The Quilt will be 8 x 8  and the blocks are squared to 9.5" so it will be a good couch throw.
Blogger is not loving me at the moment and will not load photos :(
I will when Blogger lets me!

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