Sunday, May 16, 2010


Shameless I know, It's so mean but I had to share my Neptune with you,now that I finally have a good stash.

This is my Favorite Tula Pink Fabric,and I actually let out a squeal of delight when I found these on a Website at Half Price!!!!!!!!
I had been chasing the Honeybuns for a while, the rest was a Quilt Kit that had 2 Layer Cakes, Borders, Binding and Backing fabric,What a Deal
The Honeybuns and Fat Quarters are going into Cinderberry Stitches Tail Feathers Quilt.

I have finished the binding on my Verna Quilt, I have quilted it it a large Floral Pattern that's E2E

This Quilt is mine to snuggle with!

Scooby my dog had to wait till the photo was taken today before she could sit on my lap, she manages to snuggle with all of my Personal Quilts,Actually she thinks they are all hers!


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